Born and raised in Duncan, BC, Peter is proud to be building Bayside Mortgage Solutions in his hometown in addition to the place his mortgage career started: Calgary, AB and the surrounding areas. Peter joined the mortgage industry in 2004 after leaving his chemical engineer technology career to join his wife who founded the mortgage brokerage a year prior. The skills that he acquired in his previous career have helped him achieve success in his mortgage business today; analytical thinking has been very useful in identifying and incorporating trends to continually grow his client referral base.

For the past fifteen years, Peter has been building Bayside Mortgage Solutions in Airdrie, Alberta where Bayside Mortgage Solutions was awarded “Best of Airdrie” two years in a row. He is excited to expand his business here in the Cowichan Valley and looks forward to growing future relationships in Duncan in order to build the professional reputation he holds in Alberta.

Outside of work, Peter spends his time training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and is interested in health and wellness so that he can maximize his time in and outside of the office.


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Anna is someone you would call a jack of all traits after having worked in numerous industries but has decided to dedicate herself entirely to the finance industry. However, she still brings wine, kombucha, and her dietitian advice to work!

Anna joined our team as File Coordinator at the start of 2020 after being head hunted by Bayside Mortgage Solutions.  She provides Bayside client’s with prompt and exceptional service. Striving to help Bayside make a name for itself in customer service. She completed her mortgage broker license in 2021 and is currently working towards becoming Bayside’s dedicated underwriter so she can support us in finding the best rates and customized mortgages for our clients.

Outside of work Anna is fiercely passionate about fitness, teaches cycling at the local gym and mountain biking. She is relentless in getting our team out on our bikes or ensuring we are all staying active so we have ample energy to tackle the day!